Comprehend Your Climbing

Improvement comes with comprehension. Comprehension, with observation.

ChalkPrint is a passive climbing tracker designed to inform climbers about how they climb to help them make more intelligent training decisions. 

ChalkPrint uses all of the iPhone's sensors to detect and record your climbs and climbing-specific training activities so you can benefit from the rich data gathered during your workouts. Runners have their tools. Cyclists have theirs. Now, climbers have ChalkPrint. Climb smarter. Send harder, faster with ChalkPrint. 



ChalkPrint is the first and only climbing application built to passively record your climbs. Start ChalkPrint, secure your phone and climb! When you're done with your session, review your details and begin planning how you'll improve.

climbing tracker homescreen

Passive Tracking

The only climbing tracker available that passively records your climbs. 


climbing history screen

Session history

At the end of your session, you can review:  

  • time spent on the wall
  • the vertical distance climbed
  • time spent on each climb or attempt
  • how long you rested before that attempt
  • an approximate count of calories burned


Track your performance over time or dig into the nitty-gritty details of your last session to understand how you used your time.  

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We'd love to hear your feedback and suggestions. We're just getting started with building the tools we want but also want to build the tools you want. 

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Support / FAQ

How does ChalkPrint know when I'm climbing?

ChalkPrint relies primarily on the altimeter in your phone to determine climbing but also pulls data from the motion sensors. The Altimeter is extremely sensitive to height changes and, because the altimeter is also a barometer, it's very sensitive to air pressure changes.

Can I boulder with ChalkPrint?

Yes, we do all the time.

Can I top rope with ChalkPrint?

Yep! Please do.

Can I lead with ChalkPrint?

Yup! Sure can.

Can I climb outside with ChalkPrint?

Yes... but the counts are going to be off. This version was built with gym training with relatively level floors in mind. Even multi-level gyms will work well. The constant height changes in a hilly environment (like stepping up and down rocks while spotting a bouldering, traversing friend) require more work to accurately to process but it will happen.

Which models of iPhone will ChalkPrint run on?

ChalkPrint runs on any iPhone with an Altimeter. Currently that is the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 7, 7 Plus. The iPhone SE does not have an Altimeter.

Will there be an Android version of ChalkPrint?

Yes, there certainly will be. Our limited resources are focused on getting the iPhone feature set to a point where ChalkPrint is an indispensable companion for climbers who are focused on training. When we are there, we will look to expand. Our friends use Android devices and remind us constantly of our inattention to their needs.

Will this work on an Apple Watch?

Not yet. The Apple watch doesn't have an Altimeter.

Why is it called ChalkPrint?

ChalkPrint went through a lot of testing while being developed and during that testing, we saw the name of our app imprinted on the iPhone's fingerprint sensor in a thumb-sized, white, chalky, and swirling print. This is also the primary influence of the icon.