Here's the story...

Several years ago, the iPhone got an Altimeter. The first use of it was to track a person's flights of stairs in a day. I had the idea for an app that would use the altimeter to determine when someone was climbing. It seemed obvious to me - so obvious that I expected the idea to be made a reality before I could make it. So I waited.

A couple years went by...

... and the app I had considered didn't exist yet. Some climbing tracking apps were released and were very focused on logging specific climbs and grades via very active engagement with my phone. It was more engagement with my phone than I wanted while I was at the gym. I decided to build the climbing app that I wanted to use. The first question I wanted to answer was a simple one:

How much of my climbing session was spent climbing?

Really, with the knowledge of how many minutes in a session I was climbing, I could begin to get a rough idea of how many calories were burned and plan my caloric intake for recovery. The first version of the app was actually named "Am I climbing?" and it did not work well at all. I went into trouble-shooting mode and over the course of many, many hours (hundreds? thousands?) I learned how to make the software do what I wanted. Along the way I covered my phone in chalky white finger prints and decided to use those prints as inspiration for a name. ChalkPrint was born.

With some basic information about climbing activities, I realized there are a lot of questions that can be asked and a lot more information that can be provided to climbers. I'm not going to spill the beans on those questions yet but over the next months, users of ChalkPrint will understand a lot more about who they are as climbers. They'll have questions I haven't considered and I'll do my best to build the tools they need to answer them.

Launching very soon...

Thanks for being here,

Nicholas Kinloch - Founder