Visualize your climbing data!

Now you can visualize your climbing data with new ChalkPrint charts! We started ChalkPrint as a basic tracker focused on recording movement and have been improving it every week. We’re really excited by the insights that charts will provide. We hope you are, too!

The first two charts we’ve created help answer two of your most common questions:

How long do I climb from session to session?

  • Why? Athletic training involves intelligent manipulation of volume.You need to know when to push yourself harder and when to pull back and recover. ChalkPrint doesn’t tell you how to train, it tells you how you’re training.  
  • The History screen now has a beautiful charted history of your Climb to Rest ratio as a stacked bar chart. Analyze the performance changes that have led to your last breakthrough!
  • Want to see more details about a bar in the chart? Double click a bar or pinch out to zoom in. Magic!

How long are my rests across my entire session?

  • Why? As climbers, we spend a lot of time at the gym. Are we using our time well? If you’re working a project, rest times are longer because you want to give maximum effort. If you’re training, your rest times will be shorter.
  • The Session History Detail screen shows your history of rests across the session and benchmarks your average rest across that session.

More Charts are Coming Soon

We’ve got some ideas, but we want to know: What charts would be most useful for you? Leave a comment!