ChalkPrint 1.2 is Released

Following up on yesterday's announcement, ChalkPrint 1.2 is now in the App Store!

What's new?

  • Account creation! You'll be able to log in with Google, Facebook or create an old-fashioned name and password. 
  • Online storage! All of your ChalkPrint data will be uploaded for safekeeping and connected to your account.  There is some really cool stuff coming down the pipe that will use this data to better capture where you are in your training. 
       This comes with a caveat though. The current data in ChalkPrint won't migrate over. This was a tough decision for us. We're new and the people who are using ChalkPrint are our first users. That means you're REALLY special to us. ChalkPrint being only a week old though, we're hoping you'll forgive this one loss of data and the few climbing sessions you may have recorded. 
       If you'd like to keep your data, please take screenshots of your sessions.