Good-bye Ads! Hello Grades!

A new version of ChalkPrint went to the App Store last week and we forgot to update this blog.  Whoops! 

What's new?

Ads Are Gone

We’ve removed ads for everybody. Previously, we showed ads to you at the end of your session. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a way to control or screen the ads. We only want to show you relevant, helpful ads, so we weren’t comfortable with this. We might bring back ads in the future if we’re able to do it in a better way, but for now, goodbye ads and hello improved ChalkPrint Experience. You can still donate money if you'd like to support development. We are extremely grateful to everyone who has donated so far. Thank you!



“Climbing isn’t about chasing grades.” 
    - Some Climber That We All Know

We totally agree...but we’re always seeking to improve our climbing. While grades may be subjective, they do provide a way to observe progress. We did a lot of research (eg, talking to climbers) and found that at the end of a session, the majority of people care the most about the grades they climbed near, or at, their limit. And of course, we all want it to be easy and painless to record grade data.

In response to what we heard, we created a very fast way to record your grades. At the end of your climbing session, swipe left and right to see the grades within your preferred grading system. We’ll highlight the grades that correspond with your target area. A V6 climber will see V6, V5, V4, and V3 colored more brightly than other grades. Tap the button, swipe up your number of sends and that’s it. When you level up, we'll update your target grades.

Here's what's next:

The next releases are going to focus on helping you understand and get value out of your data. Is there something you want to see? Let us know. We are just climbers trying to make the best software for other climbers.